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Independent Fashion Bloggers: Links à la Mode

Last week, I submitted my post on handbags for the young professional for Independent Fashion Bloggers Links à la Mode, which is a weekly roundup of links to posts that bloggers have submitted. It was exciting to find out yesterday that my post was selected to be featured in this week’s roundup! Check out the list of links […]


Hello everyone! First, I would like to sincerely apologize for going on an unannounced hiatus from this blog. It wasn’t really planned; things just happened that way, and I am so sorry! While I was taking a break, I was very busy with the comings and goings of life (that sounds a bit cheesy), which […]

Merry Christmas!

Thank you all so much for keeping up with this blog and taking the time to read the content here. It has been a wonderful and exciting journey thus far, and I look forward to sharing more content that is engaging and interesting! I hope your Christmas is warm and full of joy and laughter. […]

A Word of Thanks + Update

Before I dive in to the updates, I would first like to thank all readers of this blog,  subscribed and unsubscribed, for taking the time to visit Tea for Shoe and looking through the content I have published here. I really do appreciate every single comment and feedback, and I am all smiles whenever someone new subscribes […]

Welcome to Tea for Shoe

There is an explanation for this. Many months ago, when I would occasionally Instagram my outfits, the faintest idea of starting a virtual style diary did once pass through my mind. I let it go, of course, without thinking much about it. But the idea kept coming back, and naturally I kept letting it slip […]