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Golden Glam New Year’s Eve Look

I feel like the end of the year has crept up on me. It has been so refreshing and incredible to reunite with family and friends for the holidays that I really didn’t think of anything else. I wanted to be present in the moment as much as possible whenever I was seeing loved ones, […]

5 Must-Have Winter 2014/2015 Wardrobe Essentials

With Thanksgiving right around the corner (quite literally), I wanted to share with all of you my top 5 winter 2014/2015 wardrobe essentials! We have only dipped our feet into the winter season, but I have already found myself reaching for several key pieces in my closet a lot more than others. I have never been able […]

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9 Irresistible Handbags for the Young Professional

Occasionally, there comes a night when I am listening to music and become nostalgic of my college days (which ended not too long ago). During my most recent reverie, I remembered a long conversation I had with one of my friends (whom I also lived with during my senior year) about handbags that are ideal for […]

Style Guide: 3 Ways to Layer Summer Mid-Length Dress

And hiatus is officially over! I am so happy to finally share with all of you a new blog post–another style guide! It has already been quite some time since I posted my first style guide last fall, and I thought a great way to kick off the summer season was by putting together a style […]

Fall Layers: Oversized Cardigan and Plaid Shirt

Lately, I’ve been really feeling for the dark neutral colors, especially black and gray. Usually, I will pair black pieces with white or cream to add a bit of contrast (also because I’ve been loving the black/white combination lately), but this time I wanted to add some color to the look. I threw on an […]