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DESIGNER DIARY: Jamie Wei Huang Autumn/Winter 2014

JAMIE WEI HUANG A/W 14 LONDON FASHION WEEK CATWALK from Raymond Tan on Vimeo. For the month of August, I wanted to feature a designer whose fall 2014 collection presented a strictly feminine vibe. During my search however, designer Jamie Wei Huang’s Autumn/Winter 2014 collection caught my eye not solely for the heavy fabrics and […]


Down the rabbit hole I went, into the abyss of the Internet, and stumbled upon the gem that is RYU RYU Fall 2014 collection. What I find most captivating about this collection are the bold and structured silhouettes accompanied by contrasting materials. At a glance, each piece seems almost geometrical with its angles and straight […]


When I first launched this blog last July, I wrote a couple posts detailing my thoughts on fashion ad campaigns, particularly the H&M Fall 2013 campaign and Proenza Shouler Fall 2013 campaign. I only went as far as writing two blog posts, but I really enjoyed researching upcoming campaigns by designer labels and writing about them […]