DESIGNER DIARY: Jamie Wei Huang Autumn/Winter 2014

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For the month of August, I wanted to feature a designer whose fall 2014 collection presented a strictly feminine vibe. During my search however, designer Jamie Wei Huang’s Autumn/Winter 2014 collection caught my eye not solely for the heavy fabrics and oversized silhouettes, but also because of her description of her source of inspiration. On her website, Huang says she was inspired by the World War II refugees for her new collection. This was a very refreshing and unexpected concept to me, and I was reminded once again that fashion designers are also artists, and their inspirations can really come from anywhere and anything.

With that in mind, I was instantly able to see the correlation between Huang’s source of inspiration and the pieces from her collection. Much of the outerwear pieces were made of heavy wool and leather, and it was clear that they were made to be functional pieces for the upcoming colder months. The silhouettes for most of these pieces are oversized as I mentioned above, and many of them also feature unique cuts and feminine details such as pleating.

I was really impressed by how well Huang was able to create an aesthetically pleasing balance between masculine and feminine silhouettes and details. The Jamie Wei Huang Autumn/Winter 2014 collection is one that presents functional and wearable pieces while confronting a social issue that has not been frequently explored in the world of fashion.

To read Jamie Wei Huang’s full description of her inspiration and check out her entire collection, visit:

Follow Jamie Wei Huang:


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