Monthly Archives: July 2014

Casual Summer Weekend: Loose Button Down

Last weekend, several friends and I ventured into Brooklyn for some tasty eats at Smorgasburg. There was a cute little park nearby (where we also brought our food to eat), so I decided to do a quick photoshoot. We went straight to Brooklyn right after church, so I needed an outfit that would be able […]

Lazy Summer Afternoon Pairing: White Denim & Lace Up Booties

Sometimes,  I get lazy and I go for a look that is safe and easy to put together. Usually that results in monochromatic or neutral outfits, such as this one. I chose jeans over shorts because I really wanted to wear these lace-up booties with white denim pants. The booties are nice to wear with […]

Casual Comfort: Slouchy Crochet Top & Lace Dress

The weather was beautiful this past weekend in NYC, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stroll around and explore. It was a wonderfully relaxing afternoon and certainly a refreshing one at that, because of the change in my usual scenery. I love that there is always some place new to visit or something […]

Floral Skirt & Summer Wedges

There are days during the summer months when I want to wear as little pieces of clothing as possible, and this was one of those days. I was feeling particularly lazy, so I threw on a white v-neck and this fun floral skirt. I really like this skirt because it can be dressed up when […]


Down the rabbit hole I went, into the abyss of the Internet, and stumbled upon the gem that is RYU RYU Fall 2014 collection. What I find most captivating about this collection are the bold and structured silhouettes accompanied by contrasting materials. At a glance, each piece seems almost geometrical with its angles and straight […]