Monthly Archives: June 2014

Sunday Pastel: Sheer Top & Light Wash Skinny Jeans

Earlier this year, I purchased these light wash skinny jeans from Zara at a heavily discounted price during one of their sale events. I had been saving the jeans to wear in the spring/summer with pastels and bright colored tops, and that is just what I have been doing this season. They can be dressed […]


When I first launched this blog last July, I wrote a couple posts detailing my thoughts on fashion ad campaigns, particularly the H&M Fall 2013 campaign and Proenza Shouler Fall 2013 campaign. I only went as far as writing two blog posts, but I really enjoyed researching upcoming campaigns by designer labels and writing about them […]

Style Guide: 3 Ways to Layer Summer Mid-Length Dress

And hiatus is officially over! I am so happy to finally share with all of you a new blog post–another style guide! It has already been quite some time since I posted my first style guide last fall, and I thought a great way to kick off the summer season was by putting together a style […]


Hello everyone! First, I would like to sincerely apologize for going on an unannounced hiatus from this blog. It wasn’t really planned; things just happened that way, and I am so sorry! While I was taking a break, I was very busy with the comings and goings of life (that sounds a bit cheesy), which […]