Monthly Archives: October 2013

Fall Layers: Oversized Cardigan and Plaid Shirt

Lately, I’ve been really feeling for the dark neutral colors, especially black and gray. Usually, I will pair black pieces with white or cream to add a bit of contrast (also because I’ve been loving the black/white combination lately), but this time I wanted to add some color to the look. I threw on an […]

Style Spotlight: Raan Kim

This week, I had the chance to do a very quick and spontaneous shoot with Raan Kim. She is a senior in college majoring in Chemical Engineering and has a quirky sense of humor. Although the photoshoot was cut short because she had to run to class, there wasn’t a moment when she didn’t make […]

Style Guide: 3 Ways to Wear an Oversized Denim Shirt for Fall

One of the most comfortable and easy-to-style pieces in my closet is this oversized denim shirt that used to belong to my brother. I don’t think he ever wore it, since I always saw it hanging in the corner of his closet along with all the other clothes he didn’t wear. I decided it needed […]

October Sunset: Cozy Sweater Pairing

First, let me make one thing very clear: I am a full time college student on a very limited budget. I only go shopping when I really need something, and it will usually take several trips to the mall for me to find whatever it is I need at an affordable price. When it comes […]

Soft Autumn Pairing: Classic White Button-Down & Silk Maxi Skirt

When the weather begins to cool down, I tend to reach for pants and leggings a lot more than skirts and dresses. For this look, however, I wanted to try out this silk maxi dress that I found hanging in my mom’s closet (check out another maxi–also from my mom’s closet–I styled for a summer-to-fall […]