Mixing Textures: Lace and Faux Suede

lace top, lace dress, faux suede skirt, black pumps, forever 21 skirt, forever 21 dress, college fashionlace top, lace dress, faux suede skirt, black pumps, forever 21 skirt, forever 21 dress, college fashion

Let me tell you a secret: the lace top is actually a dress that I tucked into the skirt to wear it as a top. I bought the dress a year ago, thinking it would be easy to style. Since then, I have tried to work with it on numerous occasions, but it didn’t look quite right on me. I neglected it and left it hanging in my closet for many months, until I decided to try wearing it as a top. Initially, I was worried it would be too long, as the skirt is on the shorter side, but it turned out to work out fine with a few adjustments.

I decided to pair the lace with the faux suede skirt simply because I have always liked the juxtaposition of the delicacy of the lace with the heaviness of the suede. To add a pop of color, I threw on a coral pink blazer, which I am glad I did because it kept me comfortably warm all day.

There are only two photos this week because this shoot was the most difficult and frustrating one thus far. I had to scout for new locations since I am now back at school, and it took a long time to set up and get started. It was also quite a busy location, so I was a lot more self conscious than before. I definitely rushed through the shoot because of all the people, and didn’t catch enough satisfying shots. I will certainly be looking around for more remote areas around campus, and hopefully I can be more relaxed in future shoots!

As always, have a fabulous Monday!



  1. Oo I go here!

  2. ahh I love your blazer so much! And smart idea with turning the dress into a top. Sometimes I wish I could just pull apart my dresses and use them as separates in outfits haha.

    1. Thank you! And I know what you mean. Sometimes there are dresses that I fall in love with, but when I try them on, they don’t fit quite right. Quite a disappointment!

  3. So nice. I love that you paired the lace top with the black skirt it looks very stylish.

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

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