Monthly Archives: September 2013

Blazer + Graphic Tee + White Denim

I enjoy styling a pair of white jeans simply because there are so many options, and it is quite hard to mess it up. People say anything and everything goes well with blue denim, but I have always felt strangely limited working with blue denim, especially coordinating color. Certain washes of blue denim don’t work […]

Mixing Textures: Lace and Faux Suede

Let me tell you a secret: the lace top is actually a dress that I tucked into the skirt to wear it as a top. I bought the dress a year ago, thinking it would be easy to style. Since then, I have tried to work with it on numerous occasions, but it didn’t look […]

Breezy Sunday: Lace with Hints of Gold

For this look, I had a clean silhouette in mind. Perhaps I have mellowed out a bit after beginning my last year of college, but whatever the reason, I have recently been overlooking bright colors and bold, fun prints. Instead, I’ve been really inspired by the monochromatic looks on the runways lately. The lace top […]