Fall Campaign Review: H&M The Irresistibles

This week, the fall 2013 campaign that caught my eye was H&M’s The Irresistibles, featuring Chinese model Wang Xiao shot by photographer Koray Birand and directed by Mikael Kangas. Just from a quick glance, I was able to see a lot of similarities with the Proenza Schouler Fall 2013 Campaign, in terms of color scheme and the contemporary vibe. This season’s H&M campaign largely consists of simple, yet structured silhouettes that boast a neutral color palette with hints of plums and deep reds.

It seemed as if H&M was going for the timeless look by including classic pieces such as trenchcoats, A-line skirts, and versatile knit tops, along with several other work-appropriate pieces that could easily be transformed into classy, evening looks. I thought the clean, white setting for the shoot gave a pleasantly modern platform for the campaign. I’m certain that the collection will do very well this season, as its pieces give a very high-end feel while maintaining affordability.

hm fall 2013, the irresistibles
hm fall 2013, the irresistibles
hm fall 2013, the irresistibles
hm fall 2013, the irresistibles
Photos from Elle.com



  1. It seems the new H&M’s campaing is going to be great and I’m here in Brazil, where we haven’t a store. And I love timeless clothes, classic style! Ah, I’m so jealous! Oh that dress!!!!!

    1. I enjoy classic, timeless pieces as well! H&M just launched an online store for a few countries, so hopefully it’ll be available for Brazil too! 🙂

      1. Saddly, it’s not avaliable for Brazil! I don’t know why they are ignoring my country. Topshop has already arrived here.

  2. I’ve never seen this model before, she’s gorgeous. I’m loving the plum skirt, I have a Marc by Marc satchel that would pair just beautifully!

    1. I do agree, she’s stunning. 🙂 I would love to see that pairing!

  3. […] last July, I wrote a couple posts detailing my thoughts on fashion ad campaigns, particularly the H&M Fall 2013 campaign and Proenza Shouler Fall 2013 campaign. I only went as far as writing two blog posts, but I really […]

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