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A Word of Thanks + Update

Before I dive in to the updates, I would first like to thank all readers of this blog,  subscribed and unsubscribed, for taking the time to visit Tea for Shoe and looking through the content I have published here. I really do appreciate every single comment and feedback, and I am all smiles whenever someone new subscribes […]

Concoction of Neutrals: Canvas Vest and Lace-Up Boots

Vest from Banana Republic | Boots from Hautelook Two weeks ago, I finally made my first Hautelook purchase after about a year of intermittently browsing through the various events hosted on the website. If you have never heard of Hautelook, it is a website where you can sign up to browse through a variety of […]

All Black Summer-to-Fall Transition Look with Gold Accents

Top, leggings, & rings from Forever 21 | Gold spiked bracelet from Tobi There are days when I’m feeling lazy and don’t feel like putting in a lot of effort to put together an outfit. I really enjoy colors of all intensities and pairing various colors together to create a palette, but it takes time […]

angela and roi, handbags, vegan leather

Fashion Meets Philanthropy: Angela & Roi

When fashion becomes more than just a conscious effort to “look good” in the eyes of others, it has the potential to be used as a platform to present a powerful, new idea. I think it is exactly this aspect of fashion that I find quite charming, and the reason why I find certain designers, companies […]

Falling Slowly: Printed Maxi Skirt in Earth Tones

When inspiration and creativity are both running dry, I have a habit of wandering into my mom’s closet. My mom is a woman of elegance and class and a true fashionista. Since her college years, my mom has kept some of her finer, more timeless pieces because she knew they were meant to last. The […]