A Look into Proenza Shouler Fall 2013 Campaign

One of the fashion ad campaigns that stood out to me most this week was the Proenza Schouler Fall 2013 Campaign featuring model Sasha Pivovarova. The campaign photos display digitally altered images of birds paired with the sleek, contemporary designs of the collection. Photographer David Sims plays a lot with light and shadows to bring an airy and soft feel to the photos.

After looking through the collection, I was able to understand why creating a sense of lightness and softness was so important for the campaign. Many of the pieces in the collection are made of thick fabric such as wool, and it could easily be perceived as heavy and uncomfortable. The use of neutral colors and immaculate, structured designs offset a potentially bulky look, however, and I think the collection overall was nicely based on a very practical concept with a modern spin.

Proenza Shouler fall 2013 campaign

Proenza Shouler fall 2013 campaign

Proenza Shouler fall 2013 campaign

Proenza Shouler fall 2013 campaign

Proenza Shouler fall 2013 campaign
Photos from Proenza Schouler

Alongside the photos, I thought that the official campaign video was what helped bring the entire concept together. It is very trippy to watch with a lot of hazy, spacey, psychedelic shapes and imagery, but the surreal mood of it adds an interesting touch to the campaign.


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