Welcome to Tea for Shoe

There is an explanation for this. Many months ago, when I would occasionally Instagram my outfits, the faintest idea of starting a virtual style diary did once pass through my mind. I let it go, of course, without thinking much about it. But the idea kept coming back, and naturally I kept letting it slip through because of classes, exams, activities, etc. They were all just excuses, really, and if it was something that I really wanted, I would make time for it.

That’s what I ended up doing finally–with lots of support and encouragement from wonderful people–and this is the result. I always thought my own fashion sense was something very personal and private, until I started paying much attention to other people’s styles for inspiration. The thought of creating and continually developing something unique from things outside the immediate confines of myself, was both refreshing and riveting. There is no room for growth if you stay closed off and hidden; the fashion community is full of individuals whose ideas sprout from all parts of their lives, including the people they see and encounter.

With that said, I am hoping that this style diary can become a branch of that vibrant community. I hope to share and learn wonderful things, all the while keeping my ground in the dreams and passions that have kept me treading in the fabulous ripples of fashion in the first place.



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